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Santa Barbara coffee shop

2653 Davie Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Fort Lauderdale’s best Cuban food

for over 30 years



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Lunch special $8.00

Solo para llevar / Only take out

Comes with Jupiña, arroz / Rice, frijoles / Beans, 1 maduro / 1 Plantain

Lunes / Monday  –  Sabado / Saturday

Domingo / Sunday

7:30Am – 4:00Pm

Especial todos los dias / Every day special

Pollo quisado
Stew chicken tomato sauce & potato
Ground beef
Costillas fritas (puerco)
Pork ribs (16 oz)
Patitas de cerdo quisada
Pig's feet stew
Chuleta natural a la plancha
Pork chop with grilled onions

Lunes / Monday

Lechon Asado
Cuban roast pork

Martes / Tuesday

Carne con papas
Stew beef

Miercoles / Wednesday

Pechuga al a plancha
Grilled chicken breast

Jueves / Thusday

Chuleta natural de cerdo
Pork chops with grilled onions

Viernes / Friday

Ropa vieja
Shredde beef

sabado / Saturday

Masas de puerco
Fried pork chunks

Reular Menu


Cafe cubano (6 OZ)
Cuban Coffee
Cafe cubano doble (3 OZ)
Double cuban Coffee
Cafe con leche(10 OZ)
Coffee with milk 10 oz
Cafe con leche (16 OZ)
Coffee with milk 16 0z
Chocolate (10 OZ)
Hot Chocolate 10 0z
Chocolate (16 OZ)
Hot Chocolate 16 oz
Cafe frio (16 oz)
Ice coffee 16 oz

Aperitivos / Appetizers

Croquetas de jamon
Ham croquettes
Croquetas de yuca frita
Fried yuca croquettes
Tamal cubano
Cuban Tamal
Papa rellena de carne
Stuffed potato with meat
Empanada de pollo
Chicken empanada
Empanada de carne
Beef empanada
Tostada de pan cubano
Cuban toast
Chicharron de cerdo
Pork fried chunks
Papas fritas (medianas)
French fries (medium)
Papas fritas (grandes)
French fries (large)
Pasteles de queso
cheese pastry
Pasteles de guayaba
Guava pastry
Pasteles de guayaba y queso
Guava & cheese pastry

Desayunos / Breakfast

2 Huevos
2 Eggs plain
2 Huevos con queso
2 Eggs with swiss cheese
2 Huevos con jamon
2 Eggs with ham
2 Huevos con jamon y queso
2 Eggs with ham & swiss cheese
2 Huevos con salchicha
2 Egss with sausage
2 Huevos con bacon
2 Eggs with bacon
2 Huevos rancheros(cebolla tomate y aji)
2 Eggs ranch style
3 Huevos perico ripiado(con vegetales)
3 Eggs with onions, tomato & green peppers
santa barbara 3 huevos tortilla
3 Eggs omelette with ham, swiss cheese, onions, & green peppers
3 Huevos tortilla jamon y queso
3 Eggs omelette with ham & swiss cheese
3 Huevos tortilla jamon queso y chorizo
3 Eggs omelette with ham, swiss cheese & sausage
3 Huevos con cebolla aji y bacon
3 Eggs omelette with onions, green peppers & bacon
Todos los Desayunos vienen con tostada y mantequilla


Croissant con mantequilla
Croissant with butter
Croissant de queso
Croissant with swiss cheese
Croissant con jamon
Croissant with ham
Croissant con jamon y queso
Croissant with ham & swiss cheese
Croissant con 2 Huevos plain
Croissant with 2 plain eggs
Croissant con 2 huevos y queso
Croissant with 2 eggs & swiss cheese
Croissant con 2 huevos jamon y queso
Croissant with 2 eggs ham & swiss cheese
Ordenes adicionales: Bacon, jamon, queso, chorizo


Tostada con queso
Cuban bread with swiss cheese
Tostada con jamon y queso
Cuban bread with ham & swiss cheese
Sandwich de jamon y queso
Croissant with ham
2 Croqueta preparadas
2 Ham croquettes swiss cheese with cuban bread
4 Croquetas preparadas
4 Ham croquettes swiss cheese with cuban bread
Media noche
Sweet cuban bread, swiss cheese, ham, roast pork with mayo, mustard & pickles
Sandwich de pechuga de pollo
Chicken breast sadwich with lettuce, tomato, potatoe sticks with cuban bread
Santa barbara sandwich
Ham swiss cheese, roast pork & sausage
Sandwich cubano
Cuban sandwich ham swiss cheese and roast pork
Sausage sandwich with & swiss cheese
Pan con bistec
Steak sandwich lettuce, tomato, grilled onions & potato sticks
Pan con bistec y queso
Steak sandwich ,lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, potato sticks & swiss cheese
Pan con bistec jamon y queso
Steak sandwich ham & swiss cheese
Yumurino steak sandwich lettuce, tomato, potato sticks, ham, swiss cheese & bacon

Carne / steak

Rabo encendido
Oxtail stew with rice, black beans & plantains
Palomilla a la plancha
clasicc cuban thin flat steak with rice, black beans, & sweet plantains
Palomilla empanizada
The classic cuban thin flat breaded steak with rice, black beans, & sweet plantains
Carne con papa
Stew beef with potato, rice, black beans & sweet plantains
Ropa vieja
Shredded beef cooked with onions, peppers & tomato sauce with rice & black beans
Ground beef cooked with onions, peppers, olives, raisins, tomato sauce & black beans
Bistek a caballo
Steak with 2 fried eggs & fench fries
Bistec guisado salvadoreño
Salvadorian style steak tomato, green peppers & grilled onions
Bistec a la mexicana
Mexican style steak tomato, green peppers, grilled onions & jalapeño
Fajitas de carne
Steak fajitas, grilled onions, green & red peppers and mojo
Fajitas mixtas carne y pollo
Mixed fajitas steak & chicken grilled onions green & red peppers
Fajitas mixtas carne y camaron
Mixed fajitas shrimp & steak grilled onions green & red peppers

Pollo / Chicken

Pollo guisado
Stew chicken tomato sauce & potato
pechuga de pollo a la plancha
Grilled chicken breast rice, black beans & plantains
Pechuga de pollo empanizada
Breaded chicken breast black beans & plantains
Fajitas de pollo
Chicken fajitas green & red Peppers with grilled onions

Cerdo / Pork

Chuleta natural encebollado
Pork chops with grilled onions, rice, black beans & plantains
Masas de puerco fritas
fried pork chunks with grilled onions & mojo
Patitas de puerco guisada
Pig's feet stew, rice, black beans, & plantains
Lechon asado
cuban roast pork with grilled onions & mojo
Costillas fritas
Pork ribs

Mariscos / Seafood

Filete de tilapia a la plancha
Grilled tilapia Fillet
Filete de tilapia a la plancha con camarones
Grilled tilapia fillet with shrimp grilled onions & black pepper
Camaron a la plancha
Grilled shrimp, rice, black beans & plantains
Camarones a la plancha jumbo
Grilled jumbo shrimp, rice, black beans & plantains
Pescado swai empanizado
Breaded swai fillet
Mojarra frita
Fried mojarra rice, black beans & plantains
Pescado frito snapper rojo
Fried fish red snapper

Sopas / Soups

Sopa de frijol grande (24 oz)
Bean soup with rice, pork ribs, pig's feet, & pig skin
Sopa de pollo pequeña (12 OZ)
Chicken soup potato & carrots small 12 oz
Sopa de pollo (grande 24 oz)
Chicken soup potato & carrots large 24 oz
sopa de res (mediana 12 oz)
Beef soup cassava, potato, carrots, corn medium 12 oz
Sopa de res (24 oz)
Beef soup cassava, potato, carrots, corn Large 24 oz

Jugos / Natural juices

Naranja (16 oz)
Fresh orange juice (16 oz)
Piña (16 oz)
Fresh pineapple juice (16 oz))
Limonada (16 oz)
Fresh lemonade juice (16 oz)
Tamarindo (16 oz)
Fresh Tamarind juice (16 oz)
Maracuya (16 oz)
Fresh Passion fruit juice

Batidos / Milk shakes

Banana milk shake
Strawberry milk shake
Mango milk shake
Mamey milk shake
Papaya milk shake
Soursop fruit milk shake milk shake
Chocolate milk shake
Batidos con 2 frutas
Milk shake with 2 fruits

Aperitivos / Appetizers


Beef empanada

Ham Croquettes

Ham Croquettes


Cheese pastry


Guava pastry


Stuffed beef potato

Desayunos / Breakfast

Every day breakfast 


Breakfast with 2 eggs


Breakfast with sausage


Scrambled eggs

Lunch special

Ground beef


Shredded beef


Stew beef with potato


Stew chicken with potato

Oxtail stew

Oxtail stew


Pork ribs


Grilled chicken breast


Pork chops with grilled onions

Sopas / Soups

Every day soups


Sopa de frijoles / Bean Soup


Sopa de Res / Beef Soup


 Sopa de Pollo / Chicken soup


What People are Saying

Norris Ayvazian

“A Great Find”

“What a wonderful restaurant and coffee shop. Exactly what you’d expect. Excellent food and hospitality. The best part is the lovely ladies who run this place. My favorite place for breakfast, coffee, and lunch when I visit Fort Lauderdale.”

De Fra

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Love this place! Great food, friendly service and authentic Cuban food.


Lyle  Hawkins

“Another successful experience”

Great little place for Cuban food! Been going there for 20 years now with my wife and we love it.

Karielly Ramirez


Very well handled and super friendly. Love the way they handle customers and have only come to them every time I am in Florida.”


2653 Davie Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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